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Introducing Server/Client for JODB Print E-mail
Written by JODB Master   
Tuesday, 18 September 2007
Ladies and Gentlemen - one and only Server/Client for JODBCool

Even though I were resistant with regards to generic Server/Client functionality the realization of wide JODB acceptance have prompted me to actually spend some time on this subject. This functionality is yet "work in progress" but we don't expect significant changes in API and/or underlying functionality. For "test drive" please follow the usual direction --> "downloads" and select 2.1.0 build.

Starting JODB Server

To start server use one of the JODB.openServer() methods. The most obvious example would be
JODBServer server = JODB.openServer("server_file.db");//open server
 //server accepts remote connections
 server.stop();//stop server

Open client ObjectContainer 

As you can expect from the API point of view there really no difference
//assuming server running on localhost
 ObjectContainer container = 
            JODB.openClient("//", "null", "rw");//create container and
                                                                      //conect with server

 ... // apply queries

 container.close(); //close container
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